Founded in March 2011
Registered since January 2014


Anika Niggeweg
Jannik Veenhuis
Agnes Bornholdt
Ulrich Berger
Isabel Müller
Irmtraud Eckart
Melanie Guénon


LIQA is a Hamburg based NGO aiming at exchanging experiences with the Arab world. Since 2011 LIQA is realizing workshops in Egypt, Tunisia and Germany. LIQA is Arabic for encounter, meeting with friends. Our purpose is to promote the exchange of concepts and experiences in order to further develop ideas and values.

We believe that young people meeting face to face, a direct encounter, is the perfect way to forge mutual tolerance and understanding and to combat prejudice, as letting oneself be confronted with the unknown is always the first step towards understanding it. We see ourselves responsible for making these meetings possible in the form of a sustainable dialogue and we try doing so through workshops, exhibitions, lectures and debates. We especially support individual initiatives for projects, both in the Arabic World and Europe.

LIQA was founded as a student project at the University of Hamburg in March 2011, after a study trip to Cairo. It consists of a group of students and other young people with a focus on the Middle East and the concepts of Religion, Politics and Democracy. Our work focuses on democratic processes and structures, participation in and development of a civil society and dealing with the media.